Letter from the President

I once said, "I WAS HERE BEFORE WE WERE HERE AND NOW I WONDER WHERE WE ARE", and that is the truth. I look back over the years and remember the 6,000 sf warehouse where we started, and wonder how we accomplished what we did.

After some 13 years in lumber and plywood sales, Wholesale Wood Products was opened by myself and Jim Stuckey, whose father I had known for many years. We were fortunate to have just started prior to Jimmy Carter raising interest rates to an all time high, and having a tornado hit us in our third year of business. We learned how to survive and take advantage of our misfortunes.

It has been a fun experience looking back over the years. I was on the Board of North American Wholesale Lumber Association for many years and eventually President of the organization in 1992, in its 100th year. In later years, as we grew into one of the major cypress manufacturers, I served on the board and was elected President of the Southern Cypress Manufacturer's Assocaition.

Over the past 46 years, I have met some of the finest people associated with the lumber industry and have made some mighty good friends. Whether they were retail lumber yard customers, other lumber wholesalers, or sawmill owners in the great Northwest, they all treated you with respect and dignity.

I feel this is why we are where we are. We have and will continue to always have our customers best interest at heart. We sincerely appreciate your business and continued support.

George C "Chuck" Harris